Relaxing Swedish Massage, NeuroSoma, & Deep Muscle Therapy

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As a VA Certified massage therapist (CMT) at The Kneaded Touch of Professional Massage, I use an eclectic approach to healing and relaxation depending on the needs of clients in Woodbridge, Virginia. Below is a description of the various techniques I may use in a given session or that may be requested in a given session.

Massage Therapy

For your comfort, the massage table that I use is enhanced with an Amethyst Biomat from the Richway Co. This special Biomat is a Certified FDA approved medical device that emits far infrared rays and negative ions without emitting electromagnetic frequencies due to an EMF interceptor. There are spas in the area that charge just to lay on their biomat for 30 minutes! At my office, it's just part of the healing work I do. Here are the therapy types available followed by a fee schedule:

  • Swedish: If you have a long commute and long workdays and suffer from neck and back tension, I have a way to help. This form is used when a client comes to relax and release stress. This type of work uses several massage techniques, including effleurage, petrissage, friction, and tapotement.
  • NeuroSoma Therapy: Suffering from hypertonic muscle spasms or severe muscle tension and pain? This technique directly stimulates and heals small feedback nerves located within the muscles. The proper functioning of these tiny nerves is vital, as they monitor muscle tone throughout the body. This work can feel really good or really sore depending on how sick and filled with lactic acid the muscle fibers are. I have recently purchased one of Dr. Tom Griner's, "Biopulsers" to compliment this technique.
  • Deep Muscle Therapy: This therapy is used to treat generalized sore and tense muscle sprains as a result of the activity. If you have injured yourself by extending a muscle beyond its normal capacity, such as gardening, hiking, exercising, we have the solution. This technique is often combined with Swedish work and massages the muscles using cross fiber strokes with the hand or forearm to break up muscle adhesions and increase better circulation to the area.
Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy & Energy Work Sessions (Cash, Check, or Credit Cards):

• 30-Minute Session: $40 • 60-Minute Session: $80 • 90-Minute Session: $120

Discounted Massage Therapy Rates for Seniors (65+) & Full Time Students:

• 30-Minute Session: $40 • 60-Minute Session: $70 • 90-Minute Session: $100

Contact me today to schedule your healing therapy session and remember that gift certificates are available.